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Jane Farnham
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Telephone: +44 (0) 0207 221 1190

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Details of the Recommendation: "Inspired, open, energetic, honest, pragmatic, gregarious, conscientious...words often thrown around, but in this case they're all true.

I've worked both alongside, and had Jane work for me, for over a decade now, and all our clients love her. Not only is she good on camera -which you'd expect, but she has such ability to connect with the client and understand what the job is really about, particularly when communicating complex technical concepts, rather than simply recite scripts off parrot fashion. And there's no doubt that shows in the finished article. Similarly, she'll get on with the rest of the crew so well... and if they're happy and enthused, then again it shows in the final programme.

Like many people I just don't have the time in today’s environment to suffer fools gladly, and again Jane is key to getting the job done right. First time - every time.

Hire her, and find out for yourself.

When I did, I never regretted it for a single moment.

Steve Denison, SDA Media



Jane Farnham